2030 2050 Vision 410 225

In 2018, the Brazilian Coalition restructured its governance and established four Dialogue Forums to deliberate on the movement's long-term goals related to Agriculture and Silviculture, Native Forests, Deforestation, and Public Policies and Economic Instruments.

These four major topics are the cornerstones of the "2030-2050 Vision: The Future of Forests and Agriculture in Brazil", a publication that outlines the movement's main goals that its members dream and work to see achieved in the near future.

“In a world threatened by climate change, land-use activities play an important role in the solution.”

“We desire the proposals presented here to be widely understood and discussed by society. Our vision is that Brazil could be a world leader in a more harmonious, inclusive, and sustainable land use. We understand how feasible and challenging this is, and how it depends on a collective effort, for which we would appreciate your participation”.

 Check out the video, the executive summary and the complete 2030-2050 Vision publication.