Deforestation-free economic development, job and income generation, food production and fighting hunger. The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture advocates for these three pillars in the 2022 elections. In June, a document with a summary of the proposals was handed out to presidential pre-candidates, governmental bodies, parliamentarians and embassies. The Coalition believes that these messages should be adopted by all aspiring politicians in the next election, since, in addition to the federal executive branch, Congress and state governments also hold the responsibility for determining critical issues on the agro-environmental agenda.

In January, the Brazilian Coalition organized a committee with members of the Strategic Group and the Executive Group to work on developing the movement's key messages. In June, the movement launched a special campaign on its social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube), which explained its contributions and other agroenvironmental issues that have attracted attention in the news.

Here are the Brazilian Coalition's proposals to the candidates running for the 2022 elections



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