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The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture aims to articulate and facilitate actions to promote harmonious, inclusive and sustainable land use in the country, based on scientific expertise and the ability to listen and articulate to establish alliances, whether national or international, to enable the transition to the new economy. 

We do this by means of: 

  • Promoting dialogue among different sectors that are part of the movement: private sector, financial sector, civil society, and academia;
  • Development of proposals that represent a common agenda and consensus among these different sectors;
  • Articulation and advocacy so that these proposals reach the decision-makers and become implemented; and
  • Communicating this work, with transparency, to society.

The dialogue among the members of the Brazilian Coalition takes place through the movement's four Dialogue Forums: Agriculture and Silviculture, Native Forests, Deforestation, and Public Policies and Economic Instruments (click here to join the Forums), in annual plenary sessions, and in meetings of other governance bodies, such as the Task Forces and the Strategic and Executive Groups, Facilitators, and Executive Coordination. Learn more about our governance

Proposals developed by the movement and presented to the government and decision-makers in general are built by the network based on the consensus of the different sectors. To reach consensus or, in some cases, consent - when not everyone fully agrees with the proposal but allows the movement to manifest itself towards a common goal - the Brazilian Coalition continuously engages dialogue among its members. The next step after developing proposals is to present this common agenda to the public authorities. Learn more about our advocacy

The Brazilian Coalition's proposals are present in the position papers and studies or reports released by the movement, besides the "2030-2050 Vision: The Future of Forests and Agriculture in Brazil", a publication that brings the main long-term goals. Actions planned by the Dialogue Forums to achieve these goals are monthly updated on the Action Plan Platform

Brazilian Coalition's work outcomes are disclosed in its newsletters, social media, annual activity reports, and in the press.