COP 26

Coalition events at COP 26

- Coalition materials at COP 26

Brazilian Coalition defends an increase in the Brazilian climate target

- Travel and lodging details (document updated on 09/21): Planning your journey to COP26, in Glasgow

- Visit Brazil Climate Action Hub's website


COP 25

- News: Check out the latest news in 2019 about the Brazilian Coalition

- News: Brazilian Coalition brings sustainable land use to the official COP 25 Program

- News: Coalition furthers dialogues with government, Congress, third sector and private sector in space promoted by Brazilian society at COP25

Coalition events at COP 25

- Coalition materials at COP 25

- Agenda of Brazil Climate Action Hub at COP 25


COP 24

- Coalition events at COP 24

- Schedule of Coalition event at Brazilian Pavilion - COP 24

- Coalition participation in partners events at COP 24

- Coalition materials at COP 24


COP 23

Coalition events at COP 23 

Coalition participation in partners events at COP 23​ 

Coalition materials at COP 23