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The next step after the development of proposals by the Brazilian Coalition, based on the consensus among the different sectors, is the movement's dialogue with the public authorities. Throughout its journey, the Brazilian Coalition has dialogued with the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Branches, at the Federal and subnational levels. The movement also reaches out to the international community, through dialogue with embassies and government representatives from other countries.

Along with the sectors that are part of the Brazilian Coalition, the public authorities hold in their hands the opportunity to develop innovative public policies and foster large-scale changes in society. This transformation ability is key to implement the Brazilian Coalition's goals.

It is worth emphasizing that the Brazilian Coalition is a non-partisan movement, which considers the climate, forests and agriculture a country's agenda, rather than a particular political group. For this reason, we dialogued with public authorities’ representatives from all parties, equally and democratically, in different political junctures of the country.

One of the main cases of the advocacy carried out by the Brazilian Coalition was the delivery of a document containing 28 proposals to the candidates for the 2018 elections. The movement carried out a wide spreading of these proposals with relevant names during the electoral campaigns and delivered the document to the main presidential candidates. Learn more about this work

All proposals produced by the movement are sent to a wide mailing list of public authorities and, according to the topic of the proposal, we request audiences with authorities to forward our suggestions. Leaders of the Brazilian Coalition (members of the different governance bodies) represent the movement in meetings with public authorities. Our proposals are also available in English.

The proposals of the Brazilian Coalition are found on the position papers and studies or reports released by the movement, as well as in the "2030-2050 Vision: The Future of Forests and Agriculture in Brazil" publication that outlines our main long-term goals. The actions planned by the Dialogue Forums to achieve these goals are monthly updated on the Action Plan Platform.

Brazilian Coalition's work outcomes are disclosed in its newsletters, social media, annual activity reports, in the press and on the Action Plan Platform.