Who we are

The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture is a multi-sector movement formed by leading organizations in the Brazilian agribusiness, the main civil organizations in the environment and climate area, important representatives from the academic community, sectoral associations and leading companies in the wood, cosmetics, steel, pulp and paper areas, among others. 

The main role of the Brazilian Coalition is to articulate and facilitate actions for the country to promote a new economic development model based on low-carbon economy and, consequently, respond to the challenges of climate change. For this purpose, the movement:

  • encourages dialogue among participants, with governments and institutions in general;
  • identifies obstacles and seeks solutions to the implementation of a low-carbon economy;
  • seeks consent or consensus building to advance the implementation of Brazilian NDC;
  • monitors the implementation of the working groups goals; and
  • reports all statements and working groups results.

These parts did not have much connection in the past, but they have gathered to address the issues arising from climate change from the perspective of a new economy based on low emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). The Brazilian Coalition was born in December 2014 and its official constitution took place on June 24, 2015, with the release of its base document.

The movement is guided by this document made of 17 concrete proposals aimed at low-carbon economy and the reduction of GHG emissions. Based on scientific studies, practical knowledge and technology available in the country, the proposals involve the end of deforestation and illegal wood exploitation, recovery of degraded areas, land planning, social protection of communities and incentive to competitive and sustainable food production, forest products and bioenergy.

In practice, the Brazilian Coalition defends economic policies and incentives that leverage Brazil's comparative advantages and position the country as a global player of a new development model- a more prosperous, just and sustainable one, that also generates jobs and income.

Therefore, the Brazilian Coalition aims to contribute to the Brazilian government, to promote open dialogue with different organizations and companies, to establish international alliances for cooperation in order to enable the low-carbon economy, to follow the evolution of the required processes and to communicate ideas and results to society.

The Brazilian Coalition strives for the effective participation and contribution of the country in the global efforts to tackle climate change. The forest and agriculture sector accounts for two-thirds of GHG emissions in Brazil. For this reason, it has the potential to reduce emissions significantly.

After the formalization of the Paris Climate Agreement, all signing parties present in COP21 will need to get prepared to put it into practice. The Brazilian Coalition is committed to expanding the necessary actions to achieve effective and positive changes in Brazil and all over the world.

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