How we work

The main role of the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture is to articulate and facilitate actions for the country to promote a new economic development model based on low-carbon economy and, consequently, respond to the challenges of climate change.

For this purpose, the movement:

> encourages dialogue among participants, with governments and institutions in general;

> identifies obstacles and seeks solutions to the implementation of a low-carbon economy;

> helps to define ways to achieve solutions;

> monitors the implementation of these actions;

> and reports the progress of these processes to society.

The Brazilian Coalition gives the opportunity to its members to give their opinion, and values knowledge and different points of view. It also values transparency, making use of public positions, disclosed to the press, government authorities and society in general. Moreover, it organizes biannual plenary sessions.

All its activities are aligned with the Brazilian commitments agreed during the Paris Agreement, environmental legislation and public policies related to climate, forests and agriculture.