Brazilian Coalition presents its vision for the future for forests and agriculture

After months of a collective work involving over 200 people, among representatives of the agribusiness, environmental, financial and academic institutions, the Brazilian Coalition presents its vision for the future for forests and agriculture. The publication was reported today by the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.

To access the publication, click here.

To access the Executive Sumary, click here.

See below the video about the vision for the future:


In a world threatened by climate change, land use activities are an important part of the solution. Our vision for the future seeks to promote general well-being through the occupation of rural areas whose conditions allow to produce more and better, to value the forests, to end deforestation and to make economic policies and instruments directed to this goal feasible. In other words, we want to promote the harmonic, inclusive and sustainable land use in Brazil.

In this publication, members of the movement project the future they dream for the horizons of 2030 and 2050. Thinking about forests and agriculture’s long term is a way of positioning land use as a development agenda for the country and consolidating the global leadership of Brazil in the low carbon economy.

We thank all who contributed to building the vision! Everyone is invited to Phase 2, in which the Brazilian Coalition will structure an action plan that will make this vision a reality!