Role of ABC Plan and PLANAVEG in the Adaptation of Brazilian Agriculture to Climate Change – Working Paper

Activity Report – Key Results in 2019

Research Gaps and Priorities in Silviculture of Native Species in Brazil

Activities Report - Key Results in 2018

Executive Summary: 2030-2050 Vision

2030-2050 Vision: The Future of Forests and Agriculture in Brazil

Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for the Development of Brazil. Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture’s Proposals for 2018 Election Candidates

Brazil: Land use and Land Cover Data and Intelligence. Key Messages of the Seminar 'Agriculture and the Dynamics of Land Use and Land Cover: Scientific Data and their Application

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Brazilian Coalition Governance

One page Coalition

The 10 commitments of Brazilian Coalition

Post-Paris Agreement: Pathways for implementing low-carbon economy

Summary of Activities 2015-2016

Full Document- Brazilian Coalition on Climate Forests and Agriculture

Summary Document - Brazilian Coalition on Climate Forests and Agriculture